BE.Hive: Climate Change Needs Behavior Change - RARE & National Geographic

At the BE.Hive: Climate Change Needs Behavior Change summit, you will learn about the latest academic insights from behavior science, get inspired by the world’s leading environmentalists, be ignited by artists, storytellers and explorers, and identify some of the greatest opportunities for shifting human behavior to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Looking forward to presenting and learning at NatGeo! March 19, 2019, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm; National Geographic, Washington DC

Congrats to Kurt and Noemi!

kurt and Noemi.png

Huge congratulations to Kurt Waldman (Geography, Indiana U.) and Noemi Vergopolan (Civil and Environmental Engineering, Princeton U.) for our new paper - “Cognitive biases about climate variability in smallholder farming systems in Zambia” (In press at Weather, Climate and Society).

We compare farmer’s perceptions of rainfall onset with satellite-gauge-derived rainfall data and hyper-resolution soil moisture estimates. We find that farmers perceive that rains are arriving later than they are and that farmers rely on heuristics about rainy season onset to decide on when to plant maize.

Named as Science News10 - In the cohort of top scientists under the age of 40

(Illustration by  Sam Falconer , I am the scientist in green on the top left :)

(Illustration by Sam Falconer, I am the scientist in green on the top left :)

Science News spotlights a group of early- and mid-career scientists who are breaking ground. “It’s a confident, tough group. Try to set limits or box these people in and they bristle. Some had childhood experiences that opened their minds to the possibilities of scientific research. Others dug in their heels to do something that an adult said would be too difficult.”

Honored to be in this cohort. Here is a wonderful profile by Bruce Bower.