Human Behavior and Energy Consumption (HBEC)

Offered to graduate and undergraduate students 

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Course description:

Why don’t we conserve energy and use energy efficient technologies to decrease our energy use? We face a multitude of barriers related to informational and motivational deficits that prevent us from conserving energy. This course is aimed at understanding which behaviors to change and how to change behaviors independent of top down regulations. Students taking this course will (1) understand the nature of energy, (2) understand and analyze which behaviors to change, (3) understand how to change behavior, and (4) create solutions based on the tools provided in class to facilitate a decrease in energy use. 

This class is project-focused and designed around active learning. You will be placed into groups of 4-5 students and will need to transform a behavior of your choosing. The course goal is that:

Students will apply psychological/behavioral methods to individual energy consumption behaviors to facilitate a decrease in energy consumption per capita, and in doing so, become change agents themselves.

Environment and People 

Offered to undergraduate students

Syllabus: (PDF)


Environment and People is an introductory course that examines how humans interact with their environment. This course covers multiple topics, centered-around human-environment dimensions of environmental change. The overarching objective is to develop an understanding of our impact on the planet and possible solutions to environmental degradation. Our emphasis during the course will be on understanding how our social and economic systems affect (a) the environment and (b) the way we make decisions concerning the environment.