(Illustration by  Sam Falconer , I am the scientist in green on the top left :)

(Illustration by Sam Falconer, I am the scientist in green on the top left :)

Science News spotlights a group of early- and mid-career scientists who are breaking ground. Honored to be in this cohort. Here is a wonderful profile by Bruce Bower.

Conversation at The Interval in San Francisco,CA (2018)

Photos from my conversation at The Interval on Facts, Feelings and Stories: How to Motivate Action on Climate Change. Photos by Gary Wilson and slides by me. 

Opinion piece in the Behavioral Scientist (2018)

Perceptions of water systems (2017)

Statements about climate researchers' carbon footprints affect their credibility and the impact of their advice (2016)

Energy conservation goals: What people adopt, what they recommend, and why (2016)

Interview on The Water Values

With David McGimpsey on July 21, 2015

Don't rush to flush (2015)

NPR Morning Edition

With Shankar Vedantam on May 5, 2015

Indiana Public Media WFIU Profile of Shahzeen

With Dan Grundmann on April 21, 2015 


Reasons for cooperation and defection in real-world social dilemmas (2014)

Campus Catalyst Award: Excellence in Teaching (2014)

Shahzeen received the Excellence in Teaching Award after being nominated by a former student in her Human Behavior and Energy Consumption (HBEC) course, who stated: 

“Dr. Attari sets an outstanding example for what excellence in teaching and sustainability leadership represent. While her rigorous, discussion-based course gives students hope that individual actions do have the potential to influence the health of our planet and our social and economic systems for the better, it also challenges students to reach deeper, demonstrating the psychological and structural barriers to foster widespread shifts toward sustainability.”


Why don't people conserve energy and water?

Shahzeen Attari's TEDxBloomington talk conveys her research on the perceptions of energy and water use in relation to conservation. Her work at the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs seeks to understand how people think about their use resources and what factors motivate conservation of electricity and water.

Here are her TEDx talk slides. 



The water shortlist (2014)

Perceptions of water use (2014) 

Paying for what was free: Lessons from the New York Times paywall (2012)

Perceptions of energy consumption and savings (2010)

Shahzeen Attari from Columbia University's Earth Institute surveyed a wide host of people on how to save energy. The report showed that most of the public really don't know what to do to really save energy. Small behaviors help, but it's the big changes that have the most impact.

Why it's important to guess how much energy your washing machine uses. The 27 most effective energy-saving measures: Read the full paper (for FREE) here:

Preferences for change


Climate change:


Comments on water rules: